FairChat: The Who, Why, & How

FairChat is a tool to help you resolve a dispute through mediated chat. You can chat with the other party while a FairClaims mediator guides the conversation in a professional, productive way. 

Once each party signs-up for the service, you are able to enter a chat room where you can type-chat with the other person about the issue. Each person can talk about what was done well and what was lacking, but most importantly you can talk about how to resolve the problem at hand -- either monetarily or by revisiting the service provided. Each time someone posts a new message in the chat, you will receive an email alerting you so that you can review it and respond promptly.

While type-chatting with the other party, you will have the opportunity to make settlement offers of varying amounts. You'll notice a tool on the left side of your screen that walks you through this process. If you receive an offer from the other side, you will be able to accept or reject it as well. 

Here is a screenshot to help you with each of the main aspects of a FairChat, the Conversation side (right) and the Settlement Tool (left):



Please reach out to help@fairclaims.com with questions at any time. 

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