Why should I use FairClaims instead of small claims court?

Why should I use FairClaims instead of small claims court?

Our Decisions are legally binding and our process is much quicker and easier than going to small claims court.




Convenience. You can do it from anywhere. Small claims court can be really disruptive - you have to take time off work or step away from your business or family to drive down to court, wait for your case to be called (1-2+ hours), argue your case, and drive back. If you want to get a witness to join you, they’ll face the same hassles. With FairClaims, our Hearings are just 15-30 minutes online from wherever you or your witness might be.


Quicker turnaround time. You can get an FairClaims decision in as little as 3 weeks from the date both parties agree to use the service. Small Claims court can take approximately 2-3 months!


Comfort. You don’t have to learn the rules of court and don’t have to get in front of a packed courtroom/judge to argue your case. Our Arbitrators are highly competent and unbiased, but not intimidating.


Quality. We'll spend more time on your matter than a small claims court judge, with high quality Arbitrators who are happy to thoroughly hear your claim. Small claims court judges typically spend 10-15 minutes on each matter. We’ll spend 60-90 minutes on each matter, so you can be sure you’ll be heard

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