Is this legitimate?

Yes - arbitration is sanctioned by federal and state arbitration laws.

We're official. Arbitration is enforceable similar to a court judgment. All you need to do is have the award confirmed, which is a straightforward process. Just reach out to if you need information about this process, and we can provide you with resources and general guidelines for your county! Someone using FairClaims can take the arbitration decision to law enforcement to place liens on property, levy a bank account or garnish wages.

We're comprehensive. Many small claims court cases are given about 10-15 minutes of attention. Total. There's little or no time spent before the court appearance reviewing the documents and the case. The small claims court commissioner or judge pro tem (a lawyer hearing cases on a part time basis) typically hears cases all morning or all day, back to back. Each side walks up, says their piece for a few minutes, and that’s that.

Our Arbitrators spend time reviewing evidence ahead of time. Each party will be able to communicate their dispute further by providing statements and answering questions that the Arbitrator may have, via Hearing or a Q/A session. (This will depend on the type of Arbitration your dispute is set for) The Arbitrator will take the time necessary to investigate the facts and law before handing down a decision.

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