I’m a business owner, landlord or large company executive and want to use FairClaims.

Small Business Owner:

If you’re like most small business owners, you hire employees and independent contractors, have customers, work with vendors, lease property, and much more involving contracts. If you want to use FairClaims you can either put an Arbitration clause in your agreements (see http://FairClaims.com/clause) or simply invite the other side to use FairClaims if and when a Dispute comes up. If they’re the plaintiff, that may work at least part of the time since they’re typically motivated to resolve things one way or another and this saves all parties time by not having to go to court.

It can also be a helpful marketing tool to let customers and partners know you use FairClaims and that, therefore, you can both work out any dispute you might have very efficiently.


Security deposit disputes represent a huge percentage of total small claims cases. Keep you and your staff out of court by adding an FairClaims Arbitration clause to your lease agreements so you can resolve them online. See http://FairClaims.com/clause.

FairClaims is a great way to quickly move on from security deposit disputes because you can quickly upload evidence and get a decision. If you don’t want to add an Arbitration clause to your lease agreement you can simply invite a tenant to use FairClaims if and when a dispute arises, at your discretion.


Please visit http://FairClaims.com/enterprise for more info. We work with HomeAway, Turo, a major professional services marketplace and others. We’d love to see if we can help you improve customer satisfaction, save customer support hours, and mitigate social media backlash.

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