How are hearings held?

Hearings are held via Google Hangouts and last around 15-30 minutes.  If Google Hangouts has any technical difficulties, we have a backup teleconference line standing by.


If you absolutely cannot manage the Google Hangouts process, please email your number to at least 24 hours before your Hearing is set to start! *We will be calling from a restricted line, so your phone MUST accept calls from restricted numbers.*


You are welcome to have witnesses join the Hearing live, either with you or remotely using the same link, or you may have them submit a sworn written or video statement.  

We just ask two things:

1) you let us know of any witness who will be joining the Hearing live (so we can let them into the private Google Hangouts)

2) it is your responsibility to make sure the witness is able to attend (i.e. the Hearing will not be delayed, etc. if a witness has technical issues or is unable to appear for any reason).

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