What happens after my hearing?

Both sides will be notified of the arbitrator’s decision approximately 7 days after the hearing. If the arbitrator decides that money is due, the owing party will have 14 days to pay, or work out a payment plan directly with the other side. 

In most cases, the owing party pays the amount due. If they don't, we help out by sending payment reminders. We also inform the owing party of the potential consequences they may face if payment is not made.


The owed party must wait the full 14 days to allow the owing party a chance to pay. If the money is still not paid after 14 days, please then let us know at help@fairclaims.com. We will be happy to provide you with resources to start the process for enforcing the arbitrator's decision and collecting the money owed to you.

While the owed party is waiting for payment to be made, they can read more information about the enforcement process by viewing the Enforcement packet. The Enforcement packet can be found in the drop-down menu by your email address in the upper righthand corner of the FairClaims Dashboard.

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