Counterclaim - How to be heard

Do you have a counterclaim in a dispute filed against you?

You can present your counterclaim to your Arbitrator in two ways: 


1. State the counterclaim on the Dashboard

Add it to your description: 

First and foremost, we suggest that you address any counterclaims in the description of your side of the dispute! This can be done during the sign-up process or at any point during the pre-hearing/pre-review evidence timeframe.  

Because an Arbitrator will review all statements, documents and photos, etc., it may be beneficial to upload relevant pieces of evidence related to your counterclaim. 



2. Present it to your Arbitrator

Address it directly to your Arbitrator: 

You can address your counterclaim directly to the Arbitrator in one of two ways:

If you have a scheduled Hearing for your Arbitration - You can present your counterclaim during your Hearing.


If you have a Document-Review Arbitration - You can present your counterclaim during the post-review question timeframe. 


If you have questions about the timeline and evidence process - please view the FAQ’s below.

Hearing Arbitration Timeline

Doc-Review Arbitration Timeline

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