Can witnesses join hearings?


Each party is welcome to have witnesses join the hearing live, whether they are physically with  you or joining remotely from another location. If a witness can't attend live, they may submit a sworn written or video statement. We just ask two things:

  1. Let us know of any witness who will be joining the hearing live (so we can provide the proper avenue to join your Hearing)
  2. It is the parties’ responsibility to make sure their witnesses are able to attend. In other words, the hearing will not be delayed or rescheduled if a witness has technical issues or is unable to attend for any reason.


If the witness is not able to attend the hearing: They can write a statement or record a video of themselves, then you would be able to upload that to your account after you login. The arbitrator would be able to review the statement just as he/she reviews all the other photos, documents, etc. that you have uploaded.


Please keep in mind that you have 4 days from the time the hearing starts to upload any post-hearing evidence.

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