What is Contractual Arbitration

What is Contractual Arbitration?      


Contractual Arbitration is when parties to a contract agree to resolve future disputes via binding arbitration rather than in court or otherwise.

Some individuals and companies have decided to include a FairClaims arbitration clause in their contracts or Terms of Service designating FairClaims as the arbitration company that will handle such disputes. In these cases, either party can initiate an arbitration pursuant to the clause in their agreement - the party that initiates the dispute is called the “Claimant” or “invoking party”.

Want to learn more? You can review the FairClaims Arbitration.

And please note that FairClaims Arbitrations are legally binding and court-enforceable. This means once you receive your decision for a dispute, you generally cannot re-litigate that dispute through the courts or otherwise.  


Please note: Nothing in this FAQ section is intended, nor should it be construed as, legal advice or a representative relationship - FairClaims does not represent any party to a dispute but is a neutral platform for dispute resolution.

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