If the Respondent doesn’t sign up, will the process continue?


For contractual arbitration, the arbitration proceeding will continue regardless of whether the Respondent signs up or not. If a Respondent doesn’t sign up, they are still given opportunity to participate in the Arbitration if they choose, but it will not stop or reset our arbitration deadlines.

For example - if the evidence submission deadline is January 2nd and they join on January 1st, they can still submit evidence. However, if they don’t join until January 3rd they may not be able to submit evidence but might be able to join the hearing if applicable (though exceptions may apply and they may be able to submit evidence after the hearing if the Arbitrator allows it).



Please note: Nothing in this FAQ section is intended, nor should it be construed as, legal advice or a representative relationship - FairClaims does not represent any party to a dispute but is a neutral platform for dispute resolution.

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