How do I view the owed party's payment preferences & how do I make payment?

You can accomplish this by logging into your dashboard and clicking on the "Dispute Details" tab located at the top of your page.
As shown below:


You will then be brought to this screen. Click on the "View Preferences" hyperlink (blue lettering) which will bring up a pop-up screen.


This is where you will be able to view the owed party's preferred payment method. 

The pop-up looks like this:




When making payment, please follow the guidelines so that payment properly reaches the owed party. 

If the owed party chose Cashier's Check or Money order: 

Please have payment sent in a manner that provides a tracking number as stated in our rules. [Rule 20]

This payment can be done by sending it via FedEx, UPS, or USPS. Once you have the tracking number please send it to the owed party or a FairClaims support representative. If you send it in to FairClaims, we can then send it to the owed party. This process will help all parties feel at ease and provides all with a confirmation of delivery. Those with the tracking number can view when it was sent, where it is intended to go and when it will arrive. There will then be no questions on the whereabouts of the payment.

A Cashier’s Check or Money Order is a method that ensures payment on the check, and the tracking number is another method that ensures receipt of delivery.


If the owed party chooses PayPal:

When payments are sent via PayPal, we ask that you send it via “Family & Friends” so that neither of you are subject to any service fees. As payment needs to be in full, so it would be best to make sure the full amount reaches the owed party as stated in the award. PayPal will provide a receipt of payment for both parties for your records if needed.


PayPal instructions are attached if needed.  

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