Can a translator assist me?


We do not provide translators throughout this process. However, any party is more than welcome to bring a translator, friend or family member who can help translate the Hearing for you.

We do suggest adding them as a "witness" as to inform the Arbitrator that another party will be attending the Hearing. 

Your translator can join the hearing in one of three ways:

1. They can sit next to you during the video conference.
2. They can click the same link for the conference that you will receive your email. You could forward them the email with the conference details, then they would simply have to click the link in order to join the video conference.
3. You can provide us with their phone number at the start of the Hearing and we can give them a call to join via phone - they must accept calls from restricted numbers, as that is the only way we can call them.



**Please note that it is the party's responsibility to make sure that the translator is ready for the Hearing to begin on time.**


Please keep in mind that you have 4 days from the time the hearing starts to upload any post-hearing evidence.

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